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Masters in Business Analytics (MSBA) Online

Big Data, Bigger Opportunities

Application Deadline

December 9, 2018

Spring Term Start Date

January 16, 2019

Program Length

24 Months

Credit Requirements

2 Courses/6 Credits Per Term, 36 Credits

Successful businesses need highly skilled professionals who can extract insights to inspire innovations, create greater efficiencies, identify new product lines, improve customer service, and develop better solutions.

Our Master of Science in Business Analytics degree (MSBA) enables working professional students at Wake Forest to develop deep, quantitative capabilities and technical expertise to create business and social value, with marketable skills required by today's top employers.

Our MSBA curriculum is designed by faculty with input from corporate partners to ensure we are exceeding industry demands.

Program Hallmarks

Focus on experiential learning projects and highlighted with the Practicum Project that provides students with real-world problems to solve using analytics to assist a client organization in decision making.

Commitment to develop communication, teamwork and leadership skills, and an understanding of the responsible and ethical use of data for making better business decisions.

Emphasis on training across the full spectrum of analytics methodologies with strong business knowledge from innovative courses such as Visual Analytics and Influencing, Multivariate Analysis and Experiential Design, and Leading the Analytics Organization.

Program Experience

WF MSBA Online Coursework - Web

Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum

The MSBA online program offers a unique 24-month (36-credit) experience that blends Applied Statistics, Management Science and Business Domain knowledge, all with the goal of creating future leaders who use data to solve the challenges of business.

WF Online MSBA

Live Class Sessions

Students in the program will attend live, synchronous classes where they will engage with their faculty and classmates. Faculty and students will meet face-to-face via webcam in our virtual classroom environment for 90-minutes, each week of an academic term, providing students the opportunity to reinforce coursework materials, apply academic concepts, and participate in focused discussions with faculty and colleagues.

WFU students at lecture

Onsite Immersion

The MSBA online program includes a two-day, in-person immersion at the end of the first term held on the Wake Forest University campus in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The immersion allows students to solidify the skills learned in their first term while offering a chance to meet classmates in person while engaging with the Wake Forest University School of Business community.

Learning Outcomes

  • Graduates will be proficient in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics

  • Graduates will be able to identify opportunities to improve their organizations with analytics

  • Graduates will be able to provide thought leadership on aligning the right tools and methodologies to solve business problems

  • Graduates will be able to confidently articulate and advocate for, the value proposition of data-driven decision making within their organization


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Our online Masters in Business Analytics program maintains the same curriculum standards, rigor, and prestige of our full-time, on-campus offering for recent college graduates.

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